Doug Levitt Shares Story Of An Encounter With A Neo-Nazi

Doug Levitt has been the subject of several news stories due to his accounts of traveling on Greyhound buses. But perhaps none was more chilling as well as unusual in a good way as his meeting with a neo-Nazi. Doug Levitt has sat next to many unique individuals in his travels across the country, but meeting an ex-convict whose very threads of personal philosophy went against Levitt’s Jewish background was something he never thought he’d face. The irony is that the neo-Nazi never spoke down to Levitt and even gave him the full 2 seats to sleep on while they were traveling. They also had in-depth conversations about life experiences, something Levitt has recorded much of in his book and music titled Greyhound Diaries.

Levitt’s story is a highly unusual one that took turns at times that were least expected. He came from the ranks of a fairly wealthy family from Washington D.C. and was surrounded by politics with his father being a lawyer and his mother a city councilwoman. The event that shook Levitt’s life the most was when his father took his own life, leaving the young man with lots of questions he wanted answers to. Levitt completed high school and attended some of the most prominent universities including Cornell and later the famous London School of Economics.

Levitt’s first part of his career was traveling around as a news correspondent for several news networks, but his personal struggles prompted him to abandon a regular profession and pursue being a music artist. He chose to travel about the country on the Greyhound bus lines because he felt a need to connect to people in a way that he hadn’t tried before, and one that could help him understand others’ struggles and perhaps help him conquer his own. Levitt soon compiled several albums with the help of Nashville-based producer David Henry and even though he did also have some political motivations for traveling in his early years, he found the Greyhound lifestyle one that stuck with him. Levitt continues to travel the Greyhound to this day to get to his concerts and photography exhibits.Read More.