Doug Levitt Finds the Real America in Greyhound Diaries

America is a large nation, from coast to coast the entire country not only covers vast spaces diverse with new landscapes and climates but holds unique aspects of life that often go unnoticed by the vast majority of the country. Though for all the space America covers and the freedom Americans possess to traverse their country unimpeded by borders, the reality remains a majority of Americans never fully explore their country. For many, the sights and lives that are only a few hours away remain an unseen mystery.

This mystery has tempted many creative souls to take to the road to explore the unseen beauty that their country holds. Whether it was the likes of Kerouac and the beat movement or roaming hippies on magical buses the wonder found traveling the expanse of roadways crossing across America has yielded not only inspiration and fame but an opportunity to find oneself as well.

The latest soul to heed the call of the open road was able to find the same solace, wonder, and inspiration that has beckoned for decades, though this time around from the unique perspective. Chronicled within The Greyhound Diaries the sights and people Doug Levitt, a once war correspondent for CNN news turned roaming musician/author, encountered as he traveled using the oft overlooked Greyhound Bus system. From stories of sharing seats with Neo-Nazis, conversations with out of work farmers, and more than his fair share of interesting individuals, Doug Levitt captured every moment of his time on the road during what would eventually become a journey in finding his own peace. With every new person Doug Levitt encountered a better picture of the heart of America arose from those conversations.Doug Levitt’s entire journey is one of inspiration, if you would like to learn more about Doug Levitt please read the Independent’s latest piece on the traveling writer/musician.