Doe Deere Wants To Tear Down Some Fashion Walls

Doe Deere is trying to tear down as many fashion walls as possible that have been put up around women and girls for decades. The whole fashion industry is based around a few rules that girls are supposed to follow, but those rules do not apply anymore. It is true that some girls can wear odd clothing, but that does not mean that they are not free to dress in a way that makes them comfortable. Every rule is worth breaking because it makes life a little more exciting.

The first rule has to do with makeup, and Doe Deere is an expert. She is the CEO of Lime Crime, and she makes makeup products that are really bright and brash. The makeup is so bright and cold that some women have never seen her color range before, and Doe wants women to wear their brightest lip and eye colors at the same time. That is a pretty severe move for some women, but it gives them the freedom to wear something that they like instead of wearing something that everyone else will approve of.

The next rule has all to do with the age that women are when they are getting dressed. There is a fallacy in the fashion industry that certain clothes are only for young girls, there are certain clothes for working women and certain clothes for older women. An older woman who loves party dresses should be able to hit a party in her 60s if she has the legs for the dress, and a teenager who wants to look professional can wear suits. Doe is asking women to break down the walls that say they have to act their age. Age means nothing anymore in fashion.

Women who love peep toes shoes will be able to wear those shoes when it gets cool outside, and they can wear some sexy stockings with them. Stockings can be an indicator of personal style, and they will be more fun to look at even if it is cold outside.

The final rule here is a major issue for people is the color that they keep their hair. doe keeps her hair a nice bright blue, and she wears anything she wants. Women who have odd hair colors are often told that they can wear black and neutral only. That is a travesty of fashion for women who love dressing up, and the bold colors that women like to wear should not be prohibited just because they do not have “normal” hair colors. Doe is bucking all the fashion trends at once, and she is teaching women to avoid giving in to what other people want when they get dressed in the morning.

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    The next rule is more of a criticism of the way that men view women and their shoes. Women are already put down for having too many pairs of shoes, and then women are told that they can only wear certain shoes at certain times of the year. These things that best assignment help in australia can offer is much and I know they can’t be able to have these happen.

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