Doe Deere Loves To Let Go Of Beauty Rules

Fashion is more in our lives today than ever before. People around the world are aware of the kind of image they project when they put on clothing and makeup. This is one of many reasons why people have decided that they must adhere to a certain set of set beauty rules. For generations, people have been told they must not wear two patterns at the same time or must avoid wearing a bright lip and a bright eye at the same time. One person who says to heck with such rules is fashion expert and makeup guru Doe Deere.

Her Life, Her Rules

In an interview that she gave to Bustle Magazine, Deere spoke out about her own thoughts on the contemporary fashion world and the ways that people can challenge existing fashion idea to create their own lives. She knows the importance of using contemporary fashion ideas to help people get an idea of what might work for them. In her interview, Doe Deere talks about concepts such as dressing your age.

Her Own Personal Energy

Deere has been a close observer of the fashion scene for many years. During that time, she has come to the world of fashion with her own love of color and her determination to show others how it can be used effectively. She wants her many fans to love color and makeup as much as she does. To that end, she has done her part to help provide products for her fans to do just that in their lives.

Founding Lime Crime

Lime Crime is Deere’s personal venture into the world of helping people get the kind of makeup they need. Her company offers high quality makeup that are available for purchase online via her site. Users will quickly find amazing pictures of her own fashion worldview that they can use at home to learn from. Her products such as velvetines are made from the finest ingredients anywhere, so users can feel safe ordering them from her as they will not irritate their skin in some way. She knows that her fans rely on her for access to such great products.

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