Doe Deere Is Making The World Brighter With Lime Crime

Doe Deere was never just an ordinary person, not even as a child. She was seemingly born full of a vivid imagination and the ability to use color to make life more interesting. Born in Russia, Ms. Deere’s first business venture was as a fashion designer, selling her creations online. During that time, she came up with the brand Lime Crime, because she loves bright green and crime rhymed with lime. Her fashion line reflected her colorful personality and zest for life.

Ms. Deere was the lead singer in a rock band with her husband Mark for a few years in the early 2000s. Sky Salt was known as the Fairy Tale Rock Band and played in a variety of venues, as well as on Myspace. Around 2006, Doe Deere decided to use her talent and love for color to create a line of vivacious makeup products with the Lime Crime brand. She refers to her fans as “Unicorns” because they tend to be born different than the average person and are proud of their differences.

The Lime Crime line of products is often endorsed and used by bloggers who do beauty and makeup tutorials online, something that Doe Deere did around 2006. She said in an article in Nylon Magazine in 2009 that she wasn’t very good at doing the tutorials but the rhinestones and multi hued glitter kept everyone’s attention. The fact is that thousands of girls and young women loved her adventurous spirit and joined in the fun. Those fans were the inspiration that prompted her to develop the Lime Crime makeup line in the first place.

The name Lime Crime has come to be synonymous with bright colors that shimmer and shine and not taking yourself too seriously. The Unicorn Queen, as Doe Deere is known, continues to reinvent glamorous with rainbows and glitz for all of her fellow “Unicorns”. Most of them are members of her fan club, Team Candyfuture, and follow her on Instagram and Twitter. By defying convention, she has made a real impact on the lives of many who admire her spunk. She recently graced the cover of Self-Made Magazine as one of the Top Inspiring Women Entreprenuers, along with Arianna Huffington and Suze Orman. Now that’s the best of both worlds!

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