Doe Deere and the Beauty Revolution


Whoever said that “natural beauty” was important had clearly never met Doe Deere. Born in Russia and raised in New York, Deere is the founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics and has revolutionized the beauty industry with her new take on bold and artistic looks. While her success is undeniable, how exactly was the idea for Lime Crime conceived?

Birth of a Brand
The original Lime Crime was born in 2004 as an eBay brand that Deere had made to sell the clothes that she modeled and hand-made. As she modeled her clothes, Deere’s vibrant and colorful makeup became a staple in her look, but she faced an issue.

There were very few places to find vibrant, pigmented makeup supplies, and even fewer options that were cruelty-free. Well Deere decided to do one better. In 2008, Deere began selling her own line of super-pigmented and colorful cosmetics. The cherry on top? This new brand, Lime Crime Cosmetics, was cruelty-free and vegan.

Innovative Beauty
When she began selling her makeup in 2008, Deere faced a good deal of criticism for her decision to sell lipsticks online. Experts insisted that women wanted to try on lipsticks before purchasing them- something that can only be achieved at the makeup counter.

Deere saw their reasoning, but refused to accept that it was impossible to sell lipsticks online. Instead, she revolutionized how lipsticks are presented. Lime Crime was the first brand to show lipstick on the lips of models, rather than on paper or in a crushed pigment form. This innovative idea has now become an industry standard, and it is all thanks to Deere’s creativity.

The Businesswoman
It would be fair to say that Deere had humble beginnings. She began selling her products on eBay, and for many years had to define success in her own terms, rather than in what was sitting in her bank account.

Now that she has achieved financial success and renown, Deere hopes to give back to the world of female business owners that are told that they cannot succeed. She regularly hosts talks about people, specifically women, finding their voices in the world of business and following their ambitions.

In many ways, Deere is something of a makeup superhero. She has revolutionized the worlds of beauty and e-commerce alike, and shows no signs of stopping. Only time will tell what new discovery Lime Crime will make next.

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