Doe Deere and Lime Crime Fully Explored

In an in-depth article published by Guest of a Guest, the life and times of Doe Deere and her make-up business Lime Crime were explored in eight pages of copy, each page graced by a photo of the iconic Doe Deere herself. The photos do justice to the many colors of this creature and the story of Deere endeavors to explain the makings of this enigmatic woman.

Deere was born in Russia but moved to the United States of America when she was seventeen. Originally she pursued a career as a musician, and it was here that she met her husband and business partner in the Lime Crime make-up business. She aptly serves as the front woman for the business and simply states that she started the business because she could not find the colors she needed to express the “Unicorn Queen” that resided in her soul. She has become a fashion icon and an advocate for other revolutionaries, like her who want to rewrite the staid fashion rules of the past.

There are eight photos of this enchanting fashion diva, and each photo offers a different version of Doe Deere. There is something endearing about Deere; she is not tall and as a diminutive fashion icon among giants, her path has been made more difficult.
Deere purposely exposes her icon image, but, unfortunately, we are never treated to a look at her casual, day-off, fashionless self. One of the great designers from the era of fashion conventionality said that to judge an individual’s true fashion style sense, you had to be able to see what they wear and look like on a day off.

The writer oft the interview, Samantha Guarnieri, has done an excellent job of bringing this strange fashion creature into critical focus. Guarnieri has dug into the depths of Deere by reporting that Deere advises everyone to follow what is in their heart. Deere definitely is a fashion icon, and an accomplished business person, and maybe now, even a philosopher.

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