Discusing Technology and Fashion with Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an investor and an entrepreneur with a business background in various industries, including fashion, technology, and real estate. Chris Burch in his about 40 years in the career as an investor has contributed to the rise of more than 50 companies. He has been able to build a record of connecting innovation to result.


Mr. Burch acknowledges that the technological industries and the fashion one have undergone changes. He, however, puts it clear that the two industries grow together. Over time, he says, technology gets fashionable, and fashion becomes more technologically fashionable. The growth journey of the two industries is engrossing. A quick look at the past and the present fashion shades a light on all that is in the future.


Technology springs with the admiration of what one considers fashionable. For instance, the 1970s boom box allowed persons to carry their favorite tunes and stations. With the two cassettes decks, one could play music, and the other would record from the other cassette. In the 80s, movie storyline were added making the carrying even more attractive. In the 90s, a Walkman was invented. This enabled people to buy a more private music experience. A decade later saw the personal experience becoming even smaller with the procurement of iPod.


The blending of technology and fashion is currently happening. Fashion designers glee in generating what delivers and they see this possibility using technology. Such use brings up the standard in innovation and functionality. A Dutch fashion designer known as Anouk Wipprecht says that technology is like a playground and as you plunge yourself deeper into technology, it remunerates you with endless possibilities.


Some fashion develops through the use of technology in a way to protect us. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin made the airbag for cyclists. It pops out on the neckwear to protect ones head from impact. When the airbag is not open, one has a better view of the surrounding. Designers interestingly recycle materials to create great fashion. SegraSegra for instance recycled inner tubes of bicycles to make jackets and t-shirts while Emma Whiteside made a great gown recycled radiant copper.


Fashion and technology can be used together so as to generate energy. As movement can change to electrical power, newly created clothes capture the energy to power things as MP3s and watches. Technology needs help from fashion to gain popularity. For instance, the wearing of glasses did not have much acceptance until a fashion designer known as Diane Von Furstenberg’s model wore the glasses in a catwalk.