Darius Fisher Helps To Lessen Negative Photo Posts

Pictures are an awesome way to remember special days in your life. Although, they can also sometimes be an embarrassment. The wrong picture in the wrong hands can cause defamation of character, and even loss of job. Those selfies that are meant for fun can be the downfall of personal and employment life.


What should be done if a bad picture gets out on the internet? Many would panic and be in a frenzy trying to offset the damage. Everyone has a bad hair day or takes an embarrassing photo every now and again. There are many things we wish would not surface about ourselves that simply do.


Darius Fisher knows this experience all too well. He is also in a position to help others fix their online presence and reputation before things get out of hand. He is the founder and present CEO of Status Labs. As a Vanderbuilt University graduate he has had some awkward situations in his life.


The first thing he offers is to stay calm and act fast. Contact sites where the picture has been posted and request their immediate blockage and removal. Fisher’s company Status Labs performs reputation management for a wide variety of clients who are in the public eye, and private individuals.


Fisher was in a position where rumors were spread about him that harmed his reputation in NY. He worked fast, minimized damage and then used his experience to help others. The next step that can help minimize personal reputation damage is to get positive postings out about you and your company. These will circumvent the negative to lower hits on landing pages like google.


Status Labs is a company that can help to enhance online presence and generate positive posts. If at a stand still with getting the job done, Fisher and his professionals can help. They would also recommend that the individual does not hide from the situation. Confess to what was done, how one intends to fix it and move on.


Finally Fisher highly recommends that one must learn from the situation to prevent similar incidences in the future. Follow Darius on Twitter to keep up!


Additional Links: https://angel.co/darius-fisher