CTRMA Director Mike Heiligenstein And His Push For Rail

There is a push for new rail lines in the center of Texas, and Mike Heiligenstein is doing quite a lot of work to ensure his state has better transportation options. They state is holding forums to allow Mike to meet with people, and he has a plan that ensures the state will be easier to cross in the future. This article explains the existing rail situation, and it looks at how Mike is planning to make a positive change.


#1: What Changes Are Needed?


Mike knows that the CTRMA must add more bus routes and rail lines to cross the mostly-barren center of Texas. Texas is so large that it only has the rail lines coming through from Amtrak, and the company cannot expand its lines alone. The CTRMA must add a small commuter line that will hit cities such as Lubbock and San Antonio. They must have public approval for the work they plan to do, and they will show the public their plan when it has been completed.


#2: Adding Bus Routes


Adding bus routes to the state is an important part of connecting small towns to each other. The smallest places in the state are not all connected because there are not many different bus lines, and the bus routes will run from one city to another. The smaller towns will be connected under Mike’s plan. They will add many bus routes, and they will give the state a simple way of sending people from one small place to another. The citizens of the state do not wish to feel as though they are stuck in their small town, and they will come out of these places with a bus that runs to their desired destination.


#3: Rail Is Crucial


Mike is having the public discussion that is necessary for the rail lines to put installed. He wants all the people of the state to see the massive benefits that they will reap, and he wants to show them that there is a simpler way to get around. Each step in his process of changing the state will include speaking to the public to share his ideas.


Mike Heiligenstein is doing the right thing in helping the state add more transportation options. He has many ideas that will make the state a better place to live, and he believes that his plan will open up the center of Texas to many.

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