Corruption No Match for Securus Technologies Monitoring System

When me and my fellow corrections officers were called in to meet with our superiors concerning an explosion in drug usage inside the prison, you better believe they wanted results now. They were not going to tolerate another day of this problem existing because it was now putting the entire prison population in jeopardy. Not only were the officers in harm’s way, so were the staff in the jail, visitors, and even other inmates.


To start the crackdown on drugs, we put more police inside the visitor center to try and intimidate those coming to the jail who didn’t want to risk jail time if caught. Then we increased our cell inspections to try to recover anything that was being used by the inmates to get high. Monitoring the calls the inmates make with the jail phone system used to be a chore, but now with the Securus Technologies system, things were easier than ever to pick up conversations concerning drug usage in our facility.


The inmates are very good at concealing their conversations just like the drugs they have possession of. They know that me and my fellow officers are listening in on the calls, so they go out of their way to try to code or disguise the conversations. The LBS software can pick up all the calls and detect certain chatter that helps shed light on instances that need to be addressed.


While we didn’t hear about drugs, we did discover a pattern of calls where the inmates were talking about sending visitors to a certain officer at the visitor center. When we heard it a fourth time, we decided to pay closer attention to what was happening. We discovered we had a corrupt staff member who was trading cash for looking the other way, basically putting us all in danger for his selfish own gain.