Cleansing Conditioner VS. Lather Shampoo: Suds Not Necessary With WEN

Locked in a no-win hair routine?

Don’t worry because you are not alone. Emily McClure knows how you feel, and she’s a fine, limp, dull haired young woman who was looking for a dramatic hair makeover. So the blogger decided to reach for the famous WEN By Chaz cleansing conditioners.

Emily has medium-length hair that is hard to manage and likes to droop quickly. She’s a woman on the go who admits being a bit lazy but tested out Wen By Chaz for one week to see if A-list hair could be hers.

WEN is an iconic brand from an iconic star stylist. California’s Chaz Dean ( developed the famous no lather shampoo system to give everyone’s hair some relief. He knew that drugstore brands were adding powerful chemicals to their shampoos and ruining people’s hair. Harsh substances that we find in household cleaners are also present in those regular shampoos. These chemicals weaken the hair structure over time, robbing strands of their precious natural oils.

WEN is botanically based and right from nature’s finest plants. These soothing and gentle formulas are safe and effective for hair of any type or texture. Just one wash shows a key difference.

Emily chose WEN’s Fig Cleansing Conditioner and used it in the shower every morning. She loved the scent, the way it imparted shine and seemed to double her mane in volume. Her hair Facebook selfies show a vibrant, full mane, and compliments were coming her way.

As long as Emily blow-dried and then styled her hair with her favorite tools, her tresses looked A-list. She concluded that WEN By Chaz delivers everything it claims as long as you put in the time to shape your hair.

If Emily could get out of bed on time, she would reach for WEN again.

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