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Learn How Ryan Seacrest Gets It All Done

Who Is TV Personality Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest is a popular television personality and radio show host. He has been able to successfully juggle being a duo co-host along with managing a mainstream clothing line. Seacrest can recall having a conversation with Dick Clark that has helped him manage it all. He says; Clark taught him the importance of making… Read more »

Pursuing Your Passion

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Many millennials are becoming entrepreneurs these days. The changing landscape of the working world makes starting one’s own business seem just as secure an option as going for a career that lacks the motivating factor of doing something that inspires. Earlier generations didn’t enjoy as many options as we have today. Young people are just not as willing to be… Read more »

Women in Power- Julie Zuckerberg

Entrepreneurs want a successful business, and this cannot be achieved if the organization does not have competitive staff. A competitive employee means they are well skilled have vast knowledge in the field they are dealing with, and are excellent customers’ servants. It can be one of the most daunting tasks to recruit a qualified team of staff members. Some organizations,… Read more »

How Doe Deere Made Her Dream a Success

Galore Magazine showcased a remarkable Russian born business woman named Doe Deere. Ms. Deere is well known for her unusual line of cosmetics sold under the Lime Crime label. The article details how Ms. Deere got started in the world of beauty, to which she discloses her early interest in art and creativity, which soon spilled over into fashion and… Read more »

Helane Morrison and the Change that Compliance Officers are making

There are many people that don’t know what a compliance officer is or what they do, but this is nothing to feel bad about, as this job has only been around a relatively short time and is not very well known. While it is not a well known job, that is changing as it’s ranks continue to grow. Roy Snell,… Read more »

Revolutionary Qnet Helps Female Entrepreneurs Thrive

The headline reads ‘Qnet grooms woman entrepreneurs’ I prefer to think of it as helping woman thrive. It’s essential in this economy to help others realize their dreams. Sometimes a little help and someone to believe in you is all it takes to start a thriving community as this kind of service ripples through out. Quite simply when you empower… Read more »

Fashion Mantras- To Do or Do Without

While fashion mantras are meant to be adhered, it’s not a cardinal sin to flout fashion and beauty rules. They are valuable suggestions and can assist us when we’re unsure, but not mandatory. Doe Deere’s makeup line would be outright whimsical: tagged as “makeup for unicorns,” it boasts of colorful, unique, and animal cruelty-free cosmetics. She sets the trend that… Read more »