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Jeremy Goldstein is One Man Ontop of the Law World

When it comes to Jeremy Goldstein he is without a doubt known widely for being a law businessman. As soon as he first started his career he did not take it lightly, taking his career to heights that he had never thought possible to achieve. With his most current job position, he is practicing within New York City as being… Read more »

How to Get the Right Business Litigation Lawyer for Your Need

When you are trying to decide on the best business litigation attorney, you may start by making a list of company litigation attorneys in your area and checking to make sure they are licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. You may compare them based on their experience with litigation cases and their reputation for achieving satisfactory outcomes. There are a… Read more »

Ross Abelow Plans to Make Future Summers Bright for Homeless Animals in New York City

The mortality rate of homeless animals is higher during summer in the New York City. Many animals are unable to withstand the extremely low temperatures during the summer months. Those that survive are left weak and they develop complications. The city has a limited number of shelters to accommodate the high numbers of homeless animals. A longtime resident and prominent… Read more »