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Peter Briger is an Instrumental Figure in Finance

Peter Briger accomplishments in finance have made him a reputable individual in the American society. The finance executive has managed to build his character and reputation with his hard work and lots of honesty. When most finance executives in the country struggle to become reliable individuals who understand what is happening in the competitive market, Peter has always been able… Read more »

Randal Nardone The Leader of Fortress Investment Group

Being a leading highly Diversified Investment Group, Fortress Investment Group was recently investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Ex ceo Dan Mudd Is being accused of misleading investors after having Insider information while he worked at Fannie Mae. Mudd is also being investigated by the FBI. Because of this, Mudd stepped down as CEO of Fortress Investment group. He… Read more »

Laidlaw and Company Investment Banking and Brokerage Still Growing 175 Years Later

Laidlaw and Company was one of the first investment banks in the US and began doing business in 1842, the same year the American Stock Exchange came into being and the Income Tax Act took effect in the UK. It now has worldwide offices and a global client base of corporations, individual and institutions. During the span of its three… Read more »