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Robert Ivy And His Efforts With AIA

Robert Ivy is a businessman and CEO with numerous business accomplishments. Ivy received the title of Editor in Chief of the Architectural Record during 1996. With his assistance, the Architectural Record became one of the most popular journals for architecture. Following his success with the journal, he received the title of Vice President for a number of other publications in… Read more »

The Sussex Healthcare Network

Sussex Healthcare provides home care for seniors at more than fifteen facilities. Elderly with limitations and suffering from age related diseases can expect exceptional dare in lovely environments like the beautiful country home in Horsham, West Sussex called Clemsford House. Their homes offer care for elderly residents with dementia, needing neurological care and those with PMLD. These homes for the… Read more »

Arthur Becker and his Professional Life

Arthur Becker is a renowned real estate developer in the United States, and is the currently the Managing Member of Madison Partners. The firm specializes in early stage Bio Tech ventures and real estate development. Becker has previously worked for NaviSite as the company’s CEO as well as Zinio, LLC, as Chairman and CEO. In a recent interview with Perez… Read more »

How To Make Being A Wine Guide Fit Into Your Busy Life

Starting a home-based business as a Wine Guide for The Traveling Vineyard is easier than most people would imagine. The business model requires Wine Guides to tap into their network of family and friends and offer them an opportunity to host a free in-home wine tasting. Wine Guides bring the wine tasting kit, including five bottles of wine and glasses,… Read more »

Adam Goldenberg Success at an Early Age

The story of Adam Goldenberg is an American success story and worthy of a motion picture starring Justin Bieber. Goldenberg left high school at fifteen and started Gamer’s Alliance. It was this company that was later acquired by Intermix Media that was the parent company to MySpace. Before most teenagers had graduated from high school, Goldenberg was counting his first… Read more »

Dr. Siegall and Mirna

Dr. Siegall, as of January 30th, 2013 was accepted as an outside director of the distinguished Mirna team. Dr. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998, and under his experience and guidance, the company built a distinct antibody-based therapy that addressed unmet needs of patients suffering from cancer. Furthermore Dr. Siegall secured more than $675 million through both public and private funding sources. The treatment of cancer has expanded into uncharted territories over the last few years. Dr. Siegall has achieved a paramount position in many of the new and exciting research modalities and implementation of these findings in today’s cancer treatment. While no treatment offers a guaranteed in curative effectives or even alleviating effectives, Dr. Siegall’s research show insurmountable promise. Recently, in a keynote address, Dr. Siegall expressed optimism in two current proposed treatment regimes to include: SGN-CD33A and SGN-CD19A. SGN-CD33A is to target acute myeloid leukemia cells, whereas SGN-CD19A is stable in the bloodstream, and is to release its cytotoxic agent upon internalization into CD19-expressing tumor cells, sparing the body of many of the toxic effects of traditional chemotherapy. These techniques, where as may not be familiar to the general public, may in fact lie the key to the future of cancer treatment, and may ultimately affect the curative rates of certain cancers. Regardless of the actual outcome these studies introduced by Dr. Siegall and invested by numerous public and private entities, cancer research and cancer treatments are evolving. Today’s technology and advancements in understanding of cellular structure and reproduction of not only healthy cells, but destructive cells as well lead us closer to cancer cures everyday.