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Steve Ritchie: Making Positive Changes in Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie became CEO of Papa John’s on January 1, 2018. Ever since his appointment, Ritchie has made significant improvements in the company. He will be in charge of 120,000 employees. He has been in the company for 21 years now and has grown through the ranks to become the chief executive officer. When he joined Papa John’s, he was… Read more »

Nick Vertucci, From Poker to Prime Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is best known for being a successful real estate investor and recent author. Vertucci started his real estate endeavors flipping houses and has since made millions which has allowed him to start a successful real estate educational academy. Vertucci’s new book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and real estate investors… Read more »