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Whitney Wolfe Reluctantly Revolutionizes The Dating App Industry In The Midst Of Plans To Abandon Dating App Environment

Whitney Wolfe could have stopped her involvement with the female-first dating app that is now known as Bumble, but people would have missed a lot if she stopped short of her dream. With 30 million users it is safe to say that this is an app that has exceeded expectations. Some might even say that the app has exceeded the… Read more »

Bringing Incarceration into the 21st Century

Securus Technologies is making it easier for those who are incarcerated to contact their family and friends. While Securus has offered Video Visitation for some time, they are now offering both an Android app and Apple app for Video Visitation. In an article from February 16th of this year, Securus announced that its Android app, which had been out for 6 months at that… Read more »