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Doug Levitt Shares Story Of An Encounter With A Neo-Nazi

Doug Levitt has been the subject of several news stories due to his accounts of traveling on Greyhound buses. But perhaps none was more chilling as well as unusual in a good way as his meeting with a neo-Nazi. Doug Levitt has sat next to many unique individuals in his travels across the country, but meeting an ex-convict whose very… Read more »

Doug Levitt Finds the Real America in Greyhound Diaries

America is a large nation, from coast to coast the entire country not only covers vast spaces diverse with new landscapes and climates but holds unique aspects of life that often go unnoticed by the vast majority of the country. Though for all the space America covers and the freedom Americans possess to traverse their country unimpeded by borders, the… Read more »

Thor Halvorssen Smuggles a Taste of Freedom Into North Korea

According to The Weekly Standard, Thor Halvorssen is a human rights activist who’s . . . active. The organization he founded in 2005, the Human Rights Foundation, isn’t about writing white papers, spreading hashtags and sad Instagram photos or raising awareness. It’s about doing. Halvorssen takes precautions. He refuses to tell the reporter interviewing him where he lives. Although he… Read more »