Cancer Treatment Centers of America Supports 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic that Facilitates Chris Piazzi

Cancer Treatment Centers of America or CTCA, a major cancer hospital network based in Florida, announced that it would support the 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic that honors Chris Piazzi, the Board Chairman of the College of Lake County Foundation (CLC). Piazzi was struggling from rare liver disease and had to go through a double transplant for both liver and kidney to save his life. The CLC Foundation wanted to honor the great service offered by Piazzi as its Board Chairman and confirmed that it would do the same at the 2017 Scholarship Golf Classic ceremony scheduled on June 12.

CLC Foundation is known for its works for children to support their education and chase their dreams. In the academic year 2015-16, the foundation has helped 386 students with awards amounting to $ 951,643. The scheduled event on June 12 is expected to help the grant fund and CLC Foundation scholarships. It is scheduled at Ivanhoe Golf Club located in Mundelein with various championship programs conducted from June 5-11. The event ticket is charged at $450 per person and $1,700 for a group of four. The event is sponsored by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Legat Architects, and R.J. Galla Insurance Company.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has five hospitals in U.S., and it is known for providing both conventional and integrative therapies to ensure proper recovery for each of its patients. The hospitals are located in the metropolitan areas of Tulsa, Oklahoma; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Atlanta, Georgia; Phoenix, Arizona; and Chicago, Illinois.

All the hospitals of CTCA are known for using state-of-the-art equipment and technology to make sure the best treatment for the patients. The hospital network is founded in 1988, and it won many accolades for its dedicated service to the healthcare industry especially related to cancer. It received Full Standards Compliance credited by the Joint Commission and also received Magnet Award.

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