Bringing Incarceration into the 21st Century

Securus Technologies is making it easier for those who are incarcerated to contact their family and friends. While Securus has offered Video Visitation for some time, they are now offering both an Android app and Apple app for Video Visitation. In an article from February 16th of this year, Securus announced that its Android app, which had been out for 6 months at that time, had been downloaded 60,000 times, and their Apple app, which had only be release a week prior, had been downloaded 5,000 times.

I think this is an awesome use of technology! Not only is it going to lift the moral of the incarcerated person because they will get to see their families more often, but I am sure that it is just as good for the family to be able to see their loved one. Now an incarcerated person can feel like they are participating in events with their family. Can you imagine how a child would feel now that their incarcerated parent can watch their soccer game, or dance recital? I am sure it is also healthier for a child. How wonderful is that?!

This is only one of the products Securus offers the incarcerated population. They also offer various ways for phone calls to be paid, Jail Voicemail, and email services. When Securus says they are Connecting What Matters®, they really mean it!

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  1. Ferrin Braden Post author

    Scholars have done a plethora of studies on children brought up by only one parent. Maybe this will help avoid some of those issues now that their parent can participate more in their life. I had to be there to see how rush my essay has tried to do the essay project for me.

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