Bernardo Chua is an Indisputable Champion in the Circles of Multi-level Marketing

Bernardo Chua manages Organo Gold as the CEO. He has contributed to the immense growth of the company as a network marketing corporation. Due to his incredible accomplishments as a multi-level marketer, Chua has bagged the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal.

He introduced Organo Gold into the multi-level sector back in 2008 with a mission of selling a variety of healthy and refreshing bioactive coffee products, made up of Ganoderma Lucidium through a strong distribution network.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold began its operation in 2008. Its primary service centers are headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. Organo Gold is a worldwide coffee firm that produces and distributes licensed Organic Ganoderma Lucidium via a broad range of coffees, nutraceuticals, teas, and personal care products. It distributes its collection of groundbreaking products to retailers via its extensive Independent Distributor network.

The products reach the consumers via Coffee Connoisseur Club located in Canada and the U.S. The privately held business is on a mission to expand its operation beyond the current 35 countries. In 2015, Organo Gold rebranded itself into ORGANOTM , and it continues to deliver a broad suite of consumables via its reliable independent distributors.

Chua’s career history

According to ZoomInfo, Bernardo Chua started his multi-level marketing career in the Philippines. He became the CEO of Philippines-based Gano Excel. Within three years of serving as an executive, Gano Excel expanded its business to the United States, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Gano Excel U.S.A. started undergoing a fast-paced growth and Bernado Chua was named its president. He settled in California and began overseeing the marketing and distribution of products such as instant coffee, food products, and capsules.

What drives Organo Gold’s growth?

Apart from distributing healthy products containing Ganoderma to different nations of the world, Organo Gold educates people on the medicinal properties associated with this traditional herb.

The company compensates its salespersons on time and offers incredible bonuses and other rewards to distributors. By combining gourmet coffee and a growing product line with Ganoderma Lucidium herb, the company has developed a safe and healthy substitute to ordinary coffee. The product tastes great, boosts the moods of the people, and, above all, promotes health.