Arthur Becker Talks About His Career

Arthur Becker is a managing partner of Madison Partners LLC, a biotech investment firm. His practice at Navisite and Zinio offered him an opportunity to engage in both technology and real estate. After selling Naviside in 2011, he delved deeper into the real estate business. It is here that Arthur invested in condominium development in NYC and Miami, Florida. He has been exposed to biotech companies at different stages. Arthur has been intrigued by a number of innovations, especially in the field of cancer treatment. His days are flexible due to the nature of his job that does not have scheduled conferences. He is more effective when working with professionals in different fields. This is because real estate involves multiple stages that require him to organize and coordinate.

Entrepreneurs face the challenge of balancing between passion and critical thinking. Most fail to strike equilibrium on different issues, including clarity of vision, passion to involve and lead their juniors, and critical thinking to help in adjusting the visions, strategies and even people. Arthur achieves his set goals by instituting a strong management system. This way, he is able to evaluate and assist in the development of talent management. Staying informed by listening to colleagues and studying the market is a critical strategy for growing any business. Becker has also achieved success through talent acquisition. He hires ideal employees by persuading professionals to identify with the vision and mission of his business.

About Arthur Becker

Previously, Arthur Becker served as the Chairman and CEO of Zinnio, the largest digital newsstand in the world. He was also the CEO of Navisite, a NASDAQ quoted firm that offered internet technology services, hosting and collocation to various companies in the United States and United Kingdom. With locations in the US, UK and India, Navisite provided the enterprise market with data center hosting and cloud-based application management. In addition, Arthur was a senior advisor of the Vera Wang Fashion Company, reveals US Magazine. He was also a private investor in real estate and technology since Time Warner acquired Navisite in 2011. Presently, Becker is in the completion stage of several Town Houses on Sullivan St. in NYC. He is also planning to develop a small luxury residential condominium property in Tribeca.