Achieve Better Health WithIDLife

IDLife is a direct-selling company headquartered in Frisco, Texas. It specializes in health and wellness products. The privately-held company markets custom nutritional supplements. Logan Stout is the founder. He has served as the CEO of the firm since launch in 2014. The company claims the name is a pun on “individually designed life.” It reflects the personalized nature of the products that align to each consumer’s unique requirements.

Your journey to better health starts at the online portal where you can take a free and confidential health assessment. It consists of personal and dietary details, physical condition, medical status and type of lifestyle among other particulars. The results are used to create personalized recommendations with a proven science behind them. The firm enjoys the long-standing support of top medical doctors, leading nutritionists as well as research scientists.

Besides the executive management team, the company enjoys the backing of a scientific and medical advisory board, celebrity fitness ambassadors and strategic partners and investors. Creating products based on research and facts builds customer confidence. The company also provides tailored education that embraces the unique needs and goals of each consumer.

IDLife is cautious about the ingredients in their products. They emphasize on superior quality and purity by using the best possible ingredients. They want you to be proud of what you eat. The company’s products are organic, gluten-free as well as soy free. They have no synthetic fillers or artificial additives. Some of the popular offerings include Herbalife and SPX Nutrition products.

The nutritional solutions empower you to experience a better life. In other words, they boost your performance, make it easy to manage your weight effortlessly and feel great about yourself. The product lines include shakes, hydrates, energy formulas, sleep strips, workout supplements, snack bars, weight management solutions, healthy kid’s products and personal care items.

As a successful network marketing company, IDLife offers lucrative opportunities to inspire entrepreneurs. For this reason, it has a robust business platform with automated tools to get you started and quickly beat expectations. It encourages a teamwork strategy that rapidly grows your customer networks. The company provides world-class products that empower you to focus on the success of your customers. There are numerous benefits including membership discounts, great bargains on purchases and redeemable loyalty points.