Academy of Art University: Built by Artsists for Artists

The Academy of Art University, a California-based school, takes on New York Fashion Week in flying colors. This particular for-profit school has a specialty in fashion design, and it has used the bright lights of New York City to display its exquisite collections. In 2017, Academy of Art University displayed two menswear collections, displayed two collaborations and displayed a total of five womenswear collections. These collections came from a number of the school’s successful alumni. Eden Slezin, an MFA graduate, displayed his vintage denim collection. This denim collection is an actual representation of his personal style. Carlos Rodriquez, a BFA graduate, displayed a more contemporary feel. He was able to use a combination of machine embroidery techniques as well as hand traditional techniques. New York Fashion Week has plenty of participants, and the participants are only allowed up to 15 minutes of runway time.

What can this school offer? Well, the Academy of Art University can offer a creative learning experience. The school offers a number of graduate degrees, offers a plethora of undergraduate degrees and offers an abundance of certificates. Its online classes has helped to reinvigorate the school’s passion, and it allows the student to craft his or her own schedule. The school’s campus is the very definition of the word urban. Private shuttles and buses are used to transport the students to and from classes. More than 12,600 students attend this university. Many of the student-base comes from foreign countries.

Some of AAU’s alumni have been nominated for Academy Awards. These extraordinary people work in multiple sectors of the entertainment business, including illustration, special effects, storyboard supervisor and visual effects. The list can literally go on and on. So, what’s the future of this school? The Academy of Art University has built a strong foundation to work from. As long as there are people who have aspirations for being creative, this school will certainly be able to sustain itself.