A Simple Overview of Kabbalah

The Kabbalah Center is big right now. It’s big for a few reasons. Mostly, the Kabbalah Centre is big because it offers a more laid back way of walking a path to God. Many have said that Kabbalah is just like any other religion. It’s not, actually.

The main difference is that anyone can study Kabbalah. Most religions will expect you to convert to their ideals. Say you want to get married to a good old Catholic boy. The church requires you to convert to Catholicism, so that you can marry your catholic boy. Same thing with those who are Jewish or Mormon.

The Kabbalah Centre works differently. You can be yourself in the center. You can come from any religions affiliation and be accepted, no matter what. The other difference is that most religions take the bible and other holy books on face value. They study the book on face value. They teach based on face value.

The Kabbalah Centre is different. They use the Torah and the Zohar, which are common books found in the Jewish faith. They take these books and look deeper. They look for the deeper meanings, in life and in faith. These are the two main differences when it comes to studying Kabbalah.


Those of you who are already familiar with the Torah, you will study this book in a way you have never done before. The are 4 levels of study for the Torah here at the Kabbalah Centre.

1) Peshat–This is level in which you take the direct meanings from the book.

2) The Remez level is all about taking the allegoric meanings.

3) The Derash level takes a look at similar words and uses imaginative meanings, this is used as a way to explain some of the meanings.

4) The Sod is the mystery behind it all. This level holds all the secret codes.

It’s all up to you which level you choose to study. The more you study, the deeper you can take your life and your studying.

You can find out more about Kabbalah by going online.