A Muslim That Have Succeeded Through Americans Lane

Hussain Sajwani is one of the most influential and wealthiest Arabs global wise. Though he resides in Dubai, he rubs shoulder with world celebrities. He grew as the first-born son in an entrepreneurship family. And, his father wanted him not to complete school and instead concentrate on the family business as the eldest son, Husain proved him otherwise by excelling in class and becoming one of the first students, in the emirate to be awarded government scholarship to go and study in U.S.A. He joined the University of Washington to take a bachelor degree in Economics and Industrial Engineering. Hussain Sajwaani is a Muslim by religion; he is married and has 4 children.


DAMAC Empire

Someone cannot wholly talk about the Sajwani family without incorporating DAMAC group of investments in his story. Indeed a comic will argue that is his co-name. He is the founder, owner, and chair of the highly reputed and globally rated DAMAC properties co. According to Forbes magazine currently, he is $4.8 B worth.

After graduating from university, the young and ambitious Husain Sajwani was for a brief period employed in GASCO as a manager in charge of contracts before, joining the national oil company of Abu Dhabi in a subsidiary capacity. His vision of entrepreneurship could not keep him comfortable in employment shadows, and therefore in 1982, he joined the business world by launching DAMAC LLC a catering venture. Among his leading customers was U.S.A. military and campsites. However, Hussain Sajwani great financial success came in 2002 when he began DAMAC properties. After the U.A.E., the government allowed foreigners to own property in the emirate, a shrewd businessperson he saw a business opportunity, since most of his customer were non-natives.


Hussain friendship with Trump

Trump is a real estate mogul in America while his Muslim baddy piles a similar trade in Dubai. The two came combined in 2013 when Trump accepted to run a golf course developed by the DAMAC owner. Their partnership has prompted Hussain Sajwani to set a 500-acre golf course in Dubai under the name of Trump. No wonder Trump himself, described Hussain Sajwani as a fantastic man.


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