A Corporation Who Pulled the City from the Dust – Boraie Development LLC

Many times, it only takes one person to be a savior. That certainly was the case for Omar Boraie, the patriarch of Boraie Development LLC. It was through him and the coalition he founded that New Brunswick, New Jersey is not only alive today, but also thriving.

Omar Boraie is a kindhearted man and he has instilled this compassion into his organization, the Boraie Development LLC. The compassion of this corporation was for the city. They wanted it to soar to new heights and achieve the success that the great European cities of their birth had achieved. It took four decades of hard labor, but after those forty years, Boraie Development LLC saw their vision come to fruition.

Boraie Development LLC own site, Boraie.com, proudly boasts that they have invested, of their own money mind you, over $150 million into the city. They have focused on building both residential and commercial areas so that both families and businesses could easily relocate to New Brunswick. NJbiz.com speaks on exactly what these investments intended to do.

The intention of the investments was to help New Brunswick grow in four needed areas, reports Wall Street Journal. New Brunswick was a far cry from being a place families wanted to be. It also struggled to gain new businesses and to maintain the businesses that it already had. Lastly, it had no reason for professionals to want to stay. Without a strong middle class, the city would fail.

Boraie Development LLC knew that loving families would create a loving community. However, loving families cannot exist unless they spend time with one another. According to the artivle on the New Jersey Stage, Boraie Development LLC approached the State Theater with an opportunity. The State Theater would open its doors and provide the location and Boraie Development LLC would pay for the tickets so that the families of New Brunswick could grow closer together. Around seven thousand people were impacted by these free move nights.

Boraie Development LLC would then work on the business sector. The first step was to convince the big boy in town, Johnson and Johnson, to stay. No other businesses would come if the left. Johnson and Johnson committed to making New Brunswick their home.

Once this was secured, Boraie Development LLC was able to build commercial offices with their New York styled buildings, Albany Street 1 and 2, and also residential lodging with the 370k square foot residential building known as Aspire. View the company profile on crunchbase.com and on fundacity.com.