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Help is Always a Text way with Talkspace

Sometimes life can be frustrating when so much go against what we expected. At times, it’s about leakages in our relationships with our loved ones, which often happen than anticipated. Other times, it is about our issues; undesired emptiness, failed goals, feeling inadequate just to mention a few. All this can be stressful, and if not well-controlled, it could lead… Read more »

TalkSpace CEO Oren Frank gets serious with the addition of a Chief Medical Officer

Recent studies have concluded that one in five millennials report experiencing depression with many of these cases mainly occurring within the workplace. Today, employers across the country have come to terms that the well being of their employees is essential in the overall productivity and results of a business. This is where companies such as TalkSpace, a global leader in… Read more »

Sunday Riley Products Take Leading Position in the Market

Beauty products are very profitable in the market. People want to purchase make up that has been manufactured by great companies that keep in mind the needs of the clients. Many people spend so much money while trying to identify the product that will work perfectly for their skin. There are thousands of brands in the cosmetic industry. All of… Read more »

Paul Mampilly: How the Main Street American National Can Invest and Make Money

After a career on Wall Street that began with a subordinate portfolio manager role at Bankers Trust, Paul Mampilly rose to an esteemed job at the Deutsche Bank and later ING, entrusted with the handling of a multimillion-dollar account. Kinetics asset management identified Paul to head their $6billion hedge fund in 2006, and with the investment manager’s skills, the fund… Read more »