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Robert Ivy Honored For His Many Accomplishments

The world of architecture is one that plays an important role in society. Architects are people of true vision who can see things others often cannot. With their ability to provide a new way of seeing the world, people all over the globe benefit from their many insights. One person who understands the importance of architecture and how it can… Read more »

OSI Group – A Provider of Top Quality Protein Products in America and Around the World

OSI Group is an American company that processes meat for the retail food service industry. Established in 1909, the company became known for its reputation in offering quality meat products. In 2016 the company was awarded the Globe of Honor for its demonstration in excellence in environmental management. Also, in 2016 the company acquired the Tyson Food plant in Chicago… Read more »

Rodrigo Terpins in Business and Off-road Rally Driving

In Brazil, the sports pf off-road rally driving is a widely popular one, and it has a very strong community around it. The Sertoes Rally that happens every year for one full week rings thousands of people together from across he country and abroad as well. One of the most common faces at the Sertoes rally are Rodrigo Terins and… Read more »