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Got To Love It

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Checking out the shoes on the website at because I am such a shoe person. Now that the season is warmer it’s time to take a look at those wedges, heels, and sandals. Letting your feet take a breather from the warm weather. Handbags, jewelry, and of course the swimwear. Whether you are lazing around a pool getting tan,… Read more »

Securus Highlights Wrongdoings

The leading provider in of civil and criminal justice technology solutions made a major announcement recently. Securus Starts has recently highlighted some Wrongdoings by communications provider Global Tel Link. Richard A. Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies had this to say about the recent followings: “Our business’ mission is a lot more than making money. It is to serve… Read more »

How Doe Deere Made Her Dream a Success

Galore Magazine showcased a remarkable Russian born business woman named Doe Deere. Ms. Deere is well known for her unusual line of cosmetics sold under the Lime Crime label. The article details how Ms. Deere got started in the world of beauty, to which she discloses her early interest in art and creativity, which soon spilled over into fashion and… Read more »

Helane Morrison and the Change that Compliance Officers are making

There are many people that don’t know what a compliance officer is or what they do, but this is nothing to feel bad about, as this job has only been around a relatively short time and is not very well known. While it is not a well known job, that is changing as it’s ranks continue to grow. Roy Snell,… Read more »

Boraie Development: Giving Hard-Working Families in NJ a Movie Break

There are very few companies that can say that they are innovative and are not afraid to be active in their communities. This is definitely true when referring to New Brunswick, NJ’s Boraie Development. This is a construction company that is doing much more than simply fulfilling contracts. The company is involved in revitalizing the heart of cities and the… Read more »