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Darius Fisher Helps To Lessen Negative Photo Posts

Pictures are an awesome way to remember special days in your life. Although, they can also sometimes be an embarrassment. The wrong picture in the wrong hands can cause defamation of character, and even loss of job. Those selfies that are meant for fun can be the downfall of personal and employment life.   What should be done if a… Read more »

George Soros’ Contributions to the Refugee Crisis in Europe

According to American Billionaire, George Soros, the new asylum policy that was passed in March between the European Union and Turkey is deeply flawed. George Soros raised issue with four flaws that he found were unfavorable to not only the European countries involved but also the refugees in question. Flaws in the Asylum Policy First of all, the policy on… Read more »

Laidlaw and Company Investment Banking and Brokerage Still Growing 175 Years Later

Laidlaw and Company was one of the first investment banks in the US and began doing business in 1842, the same year the American Stock Exchange came into being and the Income Tax Act took effect in the UK. It now has worldwide offices and a global client base of corporations, individual and institutions. During the span of its three… Read more »

Wikipedia for your Business

The article “Exam” by Chris Havergal details the new approach a University has implemented with their students to replace the typical essay or sit down exam. The University has experimented with having their students create a Wikipedia page instead. The theory behind this idea is that students are less motivated to write the same default assessment task; they are instead more creative and… Read more »

Helane Morrison Proves Gender is a Non-issue in the Male Dominated Compliance Sector

Today, as markets continue to become more liberalized and free from government control, the role of compliance officers only gets more important. According to me, compliance officers need to be empowered to be able to adequately keep order and ensure ethical business practices. As I look at the wonderful work done by compliance officer Helane Morrison at the San Francisco… Read more »

Ross Abelow Plans to Make Future Summers Bright for Homeless Animals in New York City

The mortality rate of homeless animals is higher during summer in the New York City. Many animals are unable to withstand the extremely low temperatures during the summer months. Those that survive are left weak and they develop complications. The city has a limited number of shelters to accommodate the high numbers of homeless animals. A longtime resident and prominent… Read more »

The Agony Of Losing Steve Murray A Great Private Equity Investor

CCMP Capital colleagues still mourn the loss of their great chief executive officer and president of the company. The firm lost him to health related problems, and he later passed on in March 2015. His colleagues and associates still miss his presence and his active participation in the management of the company. The current chairperson who took his chief executive… Read more »

Missouri Professor Made One Viral Mistake That Could Have Ended Her Career

The United States has been in a heated racial battle for the better part of two years and last year a Missouri University was under fire for unfair treatment of minorities which led to a student held protest. Media outlets, including student journalists and photographers, are always quick to catch the story but sometimes their pushiness can cause the protest… Read more »