Monthly Archives: March 2016

The Wen by Chaz 7-Day Experience

If you’ve been wondering if Wen by Chaz is effective, the seven-day experiment that Bustle’s Emily McClure conducted on her own hair could prove to be helpful. McClure purchased from sephora and tried the conditioner for a week to see how it would transform her tresses, and here’s what she found out. One day one, McClure states on  that… Read more »

Bringing Incarceration into the 21st Century

Securus Technologies is making it easier for those who are incarcerated to contact their family and friends. While Securus has offered Video Visitation for some time, they are now offering both an Android app and Apple app for Video Visitation. In an article from February 16th of this year, Securus announced that its Android app, which had been out for 6 months at that… Read more »

Revolutionary Qnet Helps Female Entrepreneurs Thrive

The headline reads ‘Qnet grooms woman entrepreneurs’ I prefer to think of it as helping woman thrive. It’s essential in this economy to help others realize their dreams. Sometimes a little help and someone to believe in you is all it takes to start a thriving community as this kind of service ripples through out. Quite simply when you empower… Read more »