Monthly Archives: February 2016

Fashion Mantras- To Do or Do Without

While fashion mantras are meant to be adhered, it’s not a cardinal sin to flout fashion and beauty rules. They are valuable suggestions and can assist us when we’re unsure, but not mandatory. Doe Deere’s makeup line would be outright whimsical: tagged as “makeup for unicorns,” it boasts of colorful, unique, and animal cruelty-free cosmetics. She sets the trend that… Read more »

Ricardo Guimarães Says LinkedIn Reveals Most Needed Worker Skills

  The web site LinkedIn has become one of the most popular for business. The president of BMG Bank, Ricardo Guimarães, points out that the proof is the number of frequent surveys and total number of accumulated users on the site. This social networking web site creates new connections for all types of professionals in the job market. Some important… Read more »