Help is Always a Text way with Talkspace

Sometimes life can be frustrating when so much go against what we expected. At times, it’s about leakages in our relationships with our loved ones, which often happen than anticipated. Other times, it is about our issues; undesired emptiness, failed goals, feeling inadequate just to mention a few. All this can be stressful, and if not well-controlled, it could lead… Read more »

TalkSpace CEO Oren Frank gets serious with the addition of a Chief Medical Officer

Recent studies have concluded that one in five millennials report experiencing depression with many of these cases mainly occurring within the workplace. Today, employers across the country have come to terms that the well being of their employees is essential in the overall productivity and results of a business. This is where companies such as TalkSpace, a global leader in… Read more »

Sunday Riley Products Take Leading Position in the Market

Beauty products are very profitable in the market. People want to purchase make up that has been manufactured by great companies that keep in mind the needs of the clients. Many people spend so much money while trying to identify the product that will work perfectly for their skin. There are thousands of brands in the cosmetic industry. All of… Read more »

Paul Mampilly: How the Main Street American National Can Invest and Make Money

After a career on Wall Street that began with a subordinate portfolio manager role at Bankers Trust, Paul Mampilly rose to an esteemed job at the Deutsche Bank and later ING, entrusted with the handling of a multimillion-dollar account. Kinetics asset management identified Paul to head their $6billion hedge fund in 2006, and with the investment manager’s skills, the fund… Read more »

Steve Ritchie: Making Positive Changes in Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie became CEO of Papa John’s on January 1, 2018. Ever since his appointment, Ritchie has made significant improvements in the company. He will be in charge of 120,000 employees. He has been in the company for 21 years now and has grown through the ranks to become the chief executive officer. When he joined Papa John’s, he was… Read more »

Matthew Fleeger

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Seemingly every field in the vast business domain is Matthew Fleeger’s niche. Matthew Fleeger, a noted entrepreneur, is best known for his works in the healthcare waste management industry, but his efforts in the tanning, oil, and gas industries are substantial as well. As a young adult, Fleeger had a keen desire to act on his entrepreneurial inclinations. In the… Read more »

Why OSI Group And McDonalds Hired Nicole Hoffman-Johnson

Companies that last a long time do more than just come out with groundbreaking products. It takes a real sustainability strategy to keep a company running through times of successes and failures, and one company that’s understood that is OSI Group. OSI Group is the main supply partner of McDonalds, America’s leading fast food restaurant. The OSI Group McDonalds partnership… Read more »

Nick Vertucci, From Poker to Prime Real Estate

Nick Vertucci is best known for being a successful real estate investor and recent author. Vertucci started his real estate endeavors flipping houses and has since made millions which has allowed him to start a successful real estate educational academy. Vertucci’s new book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs and real estate investors… Read more »

Learn How Ryan Seacrest Gets It All Done

Who Is TV Personality Ryan Seacrest Ryan Seacrest is a popular television personality and radio show host. He has been able to successfully juggle being a duo co-host along with managing a mainstream clothing line. Seacrest can recall having a conversation with Dick Clark that has helped him manage it all. He says; Clark taught him the importance of making… Read more »

Jacob Gottlieb- Founder of Altium Capital-  is leading exciting change in healthcare ventures

Healthcare as it stands is in need of urgent change. The future of medicine hinges on major demographic shifts related to care facility capacity, complexity of legislative level regulation on public sector programs- mainly Medicaid and Medicare (Parts A & B), and expansion of available options in the health insurance marketplace. Although advances are occuring, they will unfold slowly and… Read more »